Our Designs and Kits

The purpose of this blog is to promote aluminum boat kits that come from the collaboration between me and B&G Yacht Design, located in Perth, Australia ( formerly also Roberto Barros Yacht Design from Brazil ).

I started with them when I built a boat for myself and adapted one of their existing designs to suit my needs and views, which lead to the creation of a design named Kiribati 36. This was back in 2007, and today several of these designs have been sold to different parts of the world, and there are two boats sailing and two others in advanced building stages.

The great innovation we  introduced in the office was to offer complete CNC kits, meaning sets of computer files and assembly instructions that allow for the automated cut of practically 100% of the aluminum parts that compose the structure of a boat and the posterior assembly of the finished hull.

The many parts of a boat distributed on a set of files

Building on this first fruitful experience we expanded the concept to another designs, and I became project manager for some other designs, which will be presented below. We even started offering CNC kits to cut the interior furniture made of plywood sheets.

An example of an assembly plan with part numbers

Following is a list of the designs that currently are offered in kit form, Clicking on the design name or picture will take you to the design page at B&G Yacht Design website:

Multichine 41 SK


Kiribati 36


Pop Alu 32


Pop Alu 28


Pop Star 21


Little Nomad



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