I am Luis Manuel Pinho, and I am the responsible for this blog, even though I encourage the owners and builders of our kits to contribute with their pictures and material if they wish so.

I am a Metallurgist and Materials Engineer by academic formation, which led to my preference for metal boats.

But I would define my experience more in terms of sailing and living full time in a sailboat than in terms of my professional accomplishments. A sailor and navigator is how I like to see myself.

My first boat in 1973, in Mozambique

Joining these two things I managed to make some informed decisions when designing and building boats, and the result is the current activity of producing designs and kits for the building of these designs.

Having hands on experience building two boats also helps.

The first build, a Van de Stadt 36, Green Nomad

With my former partner I rebuilt a Van de Stadt 36 hull and transformed it into a very safe cruising boat, that between 1991 and 1996, in which we sailed for 10 years until selling this first boat in 2006, and after that it was the second building period, this time with a Kiribati 36 in aluminum, being this the prototype of the series.

The prototype of the Kiribati 36 design, Green Nomad I

It came the moment that this second boat too was sold, and now I am living aboard a small Cape Dory 28, a lovely design by Carl Alberg, a Sweedish designer born in 1900.

I plan to build another aluminum boat, of an original design, but that is still a distant possibility.