Pop Alu 28 Hard Dodger

The Pop Alu 28 design got a hard dodger as option now!

It is unusual to fit a hard dodger on a boat of this size, but one of our customers requested a custom design for one.

At first I was thinking that achieving some sort of pleasurable to look at result would be next to impossible, as we all know that the human figure does not scale down with boat size. And a person sitting is a person sitting, you still need the same dodger height for a 28 footer as you need on a 50 footer.

In the end I think that it came out as good as it could be expected, and most important, our customer thinks too.

Of course in order to do this we had to make use of my ideas about a dodger in smaller boats: It is made to sit under, not stand. If you try to make full standing headroom, or even something like 1.70m, in any boat smaller than 50 feet long, the result can be an aesthetic nightmare, but even more important, a safety liability for the boat and crew.

A too tall dodger ends up having larger windows and a lot of surface area to resist the wind, making it a sail that cannot be taken down in storm conditions and also a performance hindrance in close hauled conditions.

Too large windows can break with a wave ( small ones too, but there is less risk, as they are more supported ) and injure a person sitting inside the dodger.

Our customers are always concerned about how they are going to enter the cabin and come out if there is no headroom in the dodger, in case it is rigid ( which nowadays seems to be the preferred solution in aluminum offshore boats – other materials too, but we are focused in aluminum boats ). I respond by mentioning my own experience on Green Nomad, a Kiribati 36 which I built and sailed for 8 years.

In just a few days your body gets adapted to the movements needed to turn around and get down backwards through the companionway steps, and coming out you get used to come up with a bent upper body and straighten up after a step.

A dodger to sit under, totally protected.

Our dodgers extend enough aft from the companionway so that a person can sit comfortably under it with some side room to spare. Usually this means 700 to 800 mm, and this distance is well inside the range that allows you to accomplish that kind of body movement I described above.

I put here some images of dodgers we designed for other models, the Multichine 41 SK and a new 38 ft custom design for high performance cruising.

A Multichine 41 SK with hard dodger.
38 ft performance cruising yacht with hard dodger. We have not decided on a design name yet, as this was originally a custom design.

The last we made is for the Polar 43. In this one there is moderate standing room and a total enclosure for the watch person, with a door aft. This was a request from our customer, and we will incorporate it to our basic design as an option. It is higher than usual for our designs because this specific customer is 2.06m tall, and to provide just sitting room for him, the dodger ended up having a reasonable standing headroom. This was also needed because with the door the usual procedure to get in and out would not work without too much discomfort.

We are still working on renderings for the Polar 43 model, so we just used screen shots to illustrate the design.

Polar 43 with next to full headroom (1.75m) hard dodger.

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