Multichine 41 SK gets new hard dodger

We were asked to design a hard dodger for our Multichine 41 SK model. In order to do that we had to alter some other features, from the cockpit configuration to changes in the interior layout.

Here is how it looks ( shown with the single rudder version, but the design can also come with a twin rudder configuration )


MC-41-SK-Hard-Dodger-Rev-2-4With these hard dodgers providing sitting room under the roof, and the addition of a back canvas closure, you can stand watch really protected from the elements, with the added benefit of keeping the cabin down below warmer. In a cold following breeze, the interior can get quite chilly for the off watch crew when no wind break can be rigged, and this solution improves life during passages in temperate climates a great deal.MC-41-SK-Hard-Dodger-Rev-2-5MC-41-SK-Hard-Dodger-Rev-2-6

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