From first plate to finished boat sailing, a Pop Alu 32 building in photos

I just recently noticed that I did not have a complete sequence of building a Pop Alu 32 compiled! A fault considering I had the photos for a while.

So I decided to correct that and add a photo sequence that shows one of these boats being built, since an empty craddle until it is on the water and sailing. In fact, on this sequence there are photos of two different boats, one that was ordered as a metal kit only and taken away to finish by the owner, and one that was totally built inside Ilha Sul boatyard, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Mr. Jairo Oliveira, the boatyard owner and technical manager does a vert perfectionist job, and I risk saying that the boats he builds are among some of the best in quality and craftsmanship I have seen.

Click here to to see the photo gallery.

Meanwhile, treat yourself to this lovey classic boat pictures taken today in Nord Holland, at the traditional boat encounter today in Den Helder.



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