Kiribati 36 MK2 finished hull and engine for sale

One of our clients has finished all metal work on his Kiribati 36 MK2.

Nice aluminum finish work

He has purchased lots of equipment, including the brand new Yanmar Diesel 3 cylinder engine, but due to professional time constraints he cannot pursue the building at this moment, so he decided to sell the boat in its current stage.

He is ready to start interior fit out bow, which is perfect for someone looking for an expedition boat that can be tailored to specific needs.

The boat is in fact the one that appears on the cover page of this blog. I have visited the boat recently in São Paulo, and can attest to the high quality.

A Kiribati 36 MK2 in São Paulo

This is not a brokerage site, but in view that the public for this specific boat will often browse blogs like this, he asked me to put the word out. I will send him the contacts that arrive, and if in English I may help in translation.


Here is a link to more information about the design.

If you want to know details, please get in touch via the contact form.

8 thoughts on “Kiribati 36 MK2 finished hull and engine for sale

  1. I am quite interested in this design and may have the ability to finish out the yacht can you please forward my contact information


    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your comment and interest.

      I will put you in touch with the owner soon. I may have to intermediate because he is not fluent in English. I will get back to you soon.


  2. Hi I am also very interested in this design, could you pass on my contact information? Thanks. The price and details of how much work is complete are key.


    1. Hi Pierre, yes, it is still on the market. Please send me a contact email and I can get you in touch with the owner.


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