Dinghy Little Nomad update

As with the Pop Alu 32, the first unit finished from our kit “Little Nomad” is already sailing.


The owner/builder, from the Southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, did a very good job, and tested the dinghy in several configurations.

He is going to use the dinghy as tender for the Kiribati 36 that he is also building himself. This dinghy was originally designed for this very purpose, to fit perfectly on the bow of a Kiribati 36.

The Little Nomad has a double floor and also watertight compartments at the bow and stern, making it a good option as a life boat, ready to be deployed in case of emergency.

It can be rowed, powered by a small outboard or sailed. It has a side dagger board for upwind sailing.


At 48 Kg overall weight, it is still reasonably easy to handle to put on deck and lower.

But the boat is also well suited for recreational use in lakes, protected bays and rivers. In some of the photos we can see the owner sailing his new dinghy in the River Guaíba, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

We are now studying a larger version, of around 3.2m in length, possibly in a nesting configuration, so it can still be stored on deck on boats of moderate size.

The Little Nomad can be built from a 100% pre-cut kit, and the plans are available for individual purchase or are given as a gift to the buyers of our other aluminum kit designs.

Click here if you want to read more about the Little Nomad.

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